OP Lab is the innovation unit of OP Financial Group that is seeking new business and growth through improving life with technology.

We’re hoping to enable a better life for our customers by focusing our efforts on the identified opportunities in Open Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, Commerce, New Work and Health and Wellness.

We are always seeking for

  1. New startups & scaleups to partner with in new bold ventures
  2. World class talent to join our team


For partners

How OP Lab works

Traditionally, corporations have approached startups through hackathons and accelerators. We take a different spin on things:

  • We do not accelerate, we work together in actual projects
  • We are not a potential partner: we are an actual partner with a common goal to solve a specific problem
  • We do not make capital investments, the reward comes from actual work and results
  • Our goal is to add value to our customers with new business models and emerging technologies

Read more about how we see the role of service design in OP Lab and or how OP Lab Discovery team works in practice.

Joining our OP Partnership Program

OP Partnership Program is all about practical work with startups and scaleups. We’re not an accelerator – each project is actual collaboration towards a joint pilot and a commercial agreement that we hope will directly benefit you, us and our current and future customers.

OP Partnership Program is a 4-month intensive period for collaboration, including a Co-alignment Week for pilot proposal creation and three Co-creation Phases with pilot workshops, advisor meetings and networking.

Within the program partners get access to:

  • Excellent partnership facilitators, including expert advisors, external specialists, and key executives of OP Financial Group and of our business partners
  • Hands-on business development and commercialization team dedicated to working with the partner
  • Grants up to 50,000€ in the Co-creation Phases.
  • Our customers. We have over 4,5 million customers who use our services on a daily or a weekly basis.

For startups and scaleups, the OP Partnership Program is a great pathway to the Finnish/Nordic market with a forward-looking partner that has extensive experience. But don’t just believe our word for it, here are some testimonials from our previous partners:

“It was very very interesting for us to chat with people who are in the business side of the bank and on the delivery side of the bank as well, to understand what their needs were, what their priorities were, and ultimately to collaborate on building a proposition that actually is going to create value in the market.”  – Mike Kelly, Curl

“I felt that the exposure and working together with the mentors from the bank really helped. Getting their feedback on the local market and about the needs of OP bank really helped me define my product for the Finnish market.” – May Michelson, PayKey

Some of OP Partnership Program alumni:


For Talents

We believe that team matters more than anything. We want to find the best talent and we trust them to deliver great results. OP Lab is one of the most exciting places to work right now, as finance industry is in transformation. We at OP see the change as an opportunity provide better services. Working at OP Lab gives an opportunity to try new things that actually matter day to day.

If you think you would like to join our team, drop us a message.