Slush Deep Dive is one of Slush side events held on the 30th of November from 13pm to 5pm. In the event, the pioneers and business leaders of digital transformation from a range of business sectors will share their viewpoints on new business growth in the era of emerging technologies and startups and explore how the changes have to be taken into account when the fundamental shifts in the mindsets and strategies of established companies are in process.

The event will host a number of keynotes from top speakers. As an example, the worlds leading financial services influencer Brett King will give insights on the concept of Fintelligence. The event will also offer interesting panel discussions on topics such as artificial intelligence, internet of things and innovation in large corporations.

As the financial sector will largely be affeted by the megatrend of digital transformation, OP Financial Group is one of the partners of the event. Consequently, OP Labs is widely represented in the event. In his keynote, OP Financial Group’s Head of New Business Development Kristian Luoma will elaborate on how having an innovation lab in a large corporation powers the transformation within the whole company.

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