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For Partners

We know we shouldn’t do everything ourselves. That is why OP Lab is actively seeking partnerships and helping OP Financial Group partner with the most innovative companies in the market. Whether you are a startup, scaleup or an established player, we aim at identifying the best win-win scenarios to work together. 

With partnerships, we look into developing and distributing services together. We can extend our services to different platforms or channels, complement and develop our offering, or improve our understanding of the current and future customer needs. We strongly believe that through partnerships, we can get to better results faster.

Global collaboration with startups

Do you have a product or service that would complement our offering and help us serve our customers better? In case you would like to use Finnish market as a test bed and grow your customer base with the help of OP’s recognized brand, join us in the journey of learning.

Why come to Finland?

In case our nightless nights, proper four seasons and good access to Europe and Asia aren’t enough, consider these perks:

  • Perfect laboratory. 5.5 M well-educated, multilingual inhabitants – perfect testing ground for a proof-of-concept.
  • Digital nation. Finns are leaders in online payments, smartphones and internet usage
  • We got your back. We have solid visions and 4M+ Finnish customers. You’ll have our support.

Value creation with platforms and consortiums

We believe that the greatest customer value can be achieved when collaboration is not limited by industry or organizational boundaries. That is why we act as an active contributor to various multi-party platforms and consortiums.

One of OP Financial Group’s joint initiatives in the Finnish market is DIAS, a blockchain-based digital real estate trading network. As a part of our digital housing and real estate service offering, DIAS brings together banks, real estate agents and contractors, enabling 100% digital trading and thus making selling and buying of real estate faster, easier and more secure than ever before.