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Life in the Lab

OP Lab’s mission is to identify better ways of creating customer value – whether it is about understanding the emerging trends of customer behavior, improving operating efficiency, or harnessing the latest technology to create next-level services.

OP Lab is the innovation unit of OP Financial Group

The largest financial services group in Finland with over 4,4 million customers and over 2 million owner-customers. OP Financial Group operates in three main business segments: Retail Banking (banking for private and SME customers), Corporate Banking (banking for corporate and institutional customers), and Insurance. 

Integrated Innovation Through Collaboration

At OP Lab, innovation partnership is at the core of how we operate. Together with OP Financial Group business lines, we aim at discovering better ways to improve the value we produce to our customers and owner-customers. 

Aligned with our group vision to be the leading and the most appealing financial services group in Finland, we are in charge of creating and maintaining our technology and innovation vision. Our worldview guides our efforts towards life-improving financial products and services of tomorrow. As a result, our objective is to ensure that OP has the capabilities to offer the best customer experience to its customers and owner-customers not only now, but also in the future.

Experimenting for a Better Way

Our innovation toolbox consists of research, experimenting and special projects. We run the internal group innovation platform, coordinate the group’s IPR, industry partnerships, global innovation networks, as well as research and academic collaboration. We conduct quick validation of new customer value proposals and experiment on emerging technologies. Our special projects build new products and services, leveraging the latest technologies and a variety of industry partnerships. We also help OP Financial Group to discover and partner with the world’s best startups. 

Want to partner with us?

OP Lab is actively seeking partnerships with the world’s most innovative companies. We’re all about finding win-win solutions with our partners; for us this often means better and faster results, and for our partners, a chance to use the Finnish market as a test bed and grow their customer base with the help of OP’s recognized brand. Visit our partner page for more information.

Get to know us!

Go check out our talent page and see what our team is all about. If you wish to join our team and build the future with us, see our open positions or leave an open application from here.