OP Kassa is a great solution for modern shopkeepers and entrepreneurs who sell anywhere their customers are: pop-ups, markets and online including chatbots.

Launch November 2017

OP Kassa is an existing service of OP Lab that was launched with new features in the end of November 2017. As with all services developed by OP Lab also OP Kassa is a true example of co-creation as Tuomas Keskitalo, Development Manager, states: “Our team consists of developers, testing professionals, UI designers and service designers. Equally important are our customers with whom we communicate thru out the process.”

The way OP Kassa operates is based on analytics and on open dialog with customers. “With customer interface along with constant feedback we are able to develop and better the service according to true needs of nowadays sellers that aren´t tied to one, specific, physical space to sell their products or services.”

High Ambition For Great Usability Also For B2B Sector

As user interface and intuitiveness have taken an ever increasing role in C2B services these same principles have guided also development of OP Kassa. “We started this project with high level of ambition regarding user interface as ´easy to use´ isn´t just an empty phrase but a true need for our customers. I´m happy to say we have already succeeded in meeting this goal as we have been given positive feedback on the great quality of user interface. Simply put, B2B services should enjoy the same high standard of design and development as C2B services”, Keskitalo says.

Multi-channel approach has been the mainstream standard for many big businesses but OP Lab wants small and medium enterprises enjoy the same, technological benefits (webshops, chatbots, etc). “SMEs are important players of economy in Finland as well as in many other countries so in many levels it is fair and beneficial to support this group of entrepreneurs and companies”, Keskitalo explains.

The Future Of Payments

There is one trend known to all that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down and it is digitalization. “When it comes to mobile payment China is the worldwide trendsetter but Europe is definitely catching up”, says Keskitalo, adding: “We will see more of real time money transfer in the future which will of course benefit businesses. As technical aspects get more transparent and easier from the seller´s point of view, there will be possibilities to serve the customer better and also, more time for interaction and communication between buyer and seller.”

Stronger multi-channel approach is another trend that will emerge as businesses start to regard social media channels also as selling points instead of communication and advertising platforms,” Keskitalo says.