Cars have always been a symbol of freedom. They opened roads. Connected us to the people we love. And took us wherever our imaginations wanted to go. But when you look at all the cars, motorcycles other vehicles we own today, is that what you see? Really…

The cars and other vehicles we own still get us from A to B. But at what cost? We spend hours stuck in traffic. Breathing in polluted air. We pay to own vehicles… that most of the time we don’t even use.

But what if… What if instead of driving us forward… cars and other vehicles could actually take us back? Back to the freedom and independence we’ve lost. Back to cities with fewer cars, less traffic, and cleaner air. They can.

Mobility on demand is the freedom of using a vehicle without the cost and burden of owning one. It’s a personal mode of transportation that’s better for the public and the planet. And it’s part of our vision for a global ecosystem of better and broader transportation options. But mobility on demand is only part of that vision.

We see a future where we’ll be able to go anywhere, anytime without owning or – in the future – even driving a car. We think freedom really comes from being able to choose and use any mode of transportation – mixing public transportation, self-driving cars, drone taxis, bikes, scooters, and mobility-on-demand solutions that free us from having to own.

All of that helps us get from A to B in a way that’s good for us, our cities and the whole planet.

Right now we’re building a road that’s going to lead us forward and back… to the freedom of mobility.

We’re driving the change. So that you can too. 

What we have done so far

OP Kulku

OP Kulku was our first mobility service, launched in November 2016. It gives everyone a carefree access to Finland’s largest range of electric and hybrid plug-in cars, allowing them to lease one for a fixed monthly rate.

The all-inclusive OP Kulku Premium service covers everything from insurance to maintenance services and even includes car washes. Read more at

OP Flexible Car

OP Flexible car means flexible driving with fixed monthly rate without long-term commitment.

Order online with a credit card, get it delivered to anywhere in Finland even the next day, drive as long as you need and return after the first month whenever you want. Wide range of private and commercial vehicles. Read more and order at

OP Kulku car sharing

OP Kulku is also a platform for car sharing for companies, cities and property operators. They can the choose to rent out their OP Kulku cars to the public by the hour. We’ve developed easy to use app for sharing the OP Kulku cars. You can manage bookings, open the car doors and even handle payments with our app. Read more at


Car sharing service operated by OP. You can rent a car by minute from DriveNow Car Sharing in Helsinki exactly when you need one. Choose your favourite car from ten of the very latest BMW and MINI models and at the end of your journey, simply leave the car wherever you want within the business area. Read more at

OP Matka

OP Matka frees you from handling travel receipts and offers effortless mobility for companies. OP Matka combines HSL, Taxi Helsinki and DriveNow services in one handy mobile app. Companies pay for employees’ traveling with a monthly invoice, removing the need for handling travel receipts. In pilot phase.

Companion app for drivers

With one mobile app, you will be able to manage smoothly all your daily car services, like electric car charging, fueling, parking, and washing. Even the payment is managed automatically and securely. The driver’s app will be piloted first with OP Kulku customers.