The electric car service, OP Kulku, provided by OP Financial Group, will be available in Turku as of 24 August. Kulku offers the opportunity to use an electric car for a clear monthly fee. This means that you can enjoy motoring without the obligations related to ownership.

The OP Kulku service, introduced in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in November 2016, was the first step in OP’s mobility services. OP Kulku offers consumers and businesses the opportunity to use an electric car for a monthly fee, without having to worry about ownership matters, putting in a major initial investment or value reduction of the vehicle.

Finland’s widest selection of electric cars

Customers can choose between two service levels. OP Kulku Premium offers a comprehensive car service, consisting of not only use of the car but also any necessary repair and maintenance, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and motor liability insurance, pick-up service for maintenance, tire change service, and tire storage, and an unlimited number of car washes. The basic service, on the other hand, consists of the use of the car and any repair and maintenance. Customers will be reminded when maintenance is due.

OP Kulku offers their customers electric cars and rechargeable hybrids with the most comprehensive selection in Finland, such as Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW.

The most affordable Kulku option is a Nissan Leaf for less than 400 euros a month, while at the other end of the spectrum there is a Tesla Model S as a Premium option at about 1,350 euros a month, depending on the accessories. The monthly price is determined by the car chosen, level of accessories, duration of the agreement, service package and mileage. The agreement can be made for 24-48 months at a time, that is, for a minimum period of two years. If necessary, customers can receive assistance for the sale of their old car.

The service also changes the usual procedure of getting a car. Customers do not go to the OP Kulku service but request through the Kulku website for a sales representative to show a car and present the service at a convenient location, such as your home or your workplace. An agreement to start using the service can be made on the spot. The chosen vehicle is delivered to a location chosen by the customer, or the customer may choose to pick it up at a dealership. The delivery times of the cars vary from model to model.

More information about the OP Kulku service and instructions for ordering a car for testing is available at