OP Laskulaina is a smart and flexible invoice financing solution integrated straight into your accounting software.

Bank is there where you are

The new service offers flexible financing solution against sales invoices without the need to wait for the often long payment term fulfillment. OP Laskulaina is especially suitable for small companies, but will serve companies of any size that are using the OP Laskulaina enabled invoicing service provider’s solution.

Flexible credit for all customers

OP Laskulaina helps in managing the working capital needs, acquiring new inventory and for flexibly covering the mandatory day-to-day invoice payments. OP Laskulaina is available regardless of the company’s current bank relationship – we offer it for all Finnish banks’ customers. Customer will gain OP Laskulaina financing credit against sent and open, due date waiting sales invoices. The credit facility is fully flexible in terms of how much, when and how many times to withdraw credit from the current collateral value of open sales invoices – up to the contract limit.

OP Laskulainaa can be applied directly from Netvisor

The pilot phase opened on 31 May 2018 for the first 100 customers. The offering partner for the pilot service is Visma Solutions Oy’s Netvisor bookkeeping and invoicing service. Please be in contact with Netvisor to apply for OP Laskulaina.