Tommi Halonen, Development Manager of OP Mobility Services knows the ins and outs of mobility and transportation of the future. If getting from A to B is up to OP Lab, it will be a lot more convenient, less expensive and environmentally friendly. “We see the whole landscape of digital services evolving and our business is based on reacting to these changes”, he says.

Companion App For Drivers: Launch At Slush 2017

Companion App For Drivers is a handy app that allows you to manage smoothly all your daily car services. Charging your vehicle, fueling, parking, washing and other services along with automatic and secure payment possibilities are included in the app that is launched at Slush 2017. “This is a simple yet needed solution based on offerings of our collaboration partners”, says Halonen, who is responsible for developing the service. “This was the first concept I started working with after joining OP Lab and I really like the idea of this being an everyday app for all Finnish drivers”, he adds.

OP Kulku Car Sharing Service Benefits Of Getting Around Without Owning A Car

The sharing economy is literally the driving force behind OP Kulku Car Sharing Service. Another, equally important trend is MaaS (Mobility as a Service), which is a large theme based on giving individuals the freedom of movement without being forced to pay the fixed costs of owning a vehicle. “I’m personally all for being able to choose and that is what we have achieved with OP Kulku Car Sharing Service. It is equally important to understand that in the future we still need to be able to move, travel and explore but in order to do that we don’t necessarily want or need to own a car”, describes Halonen about the building blocks of the service.

With OP Kulku Car Sharing Service, a company, municipalities, and property management companies can have a car at a fixed, monthly rate. Municipalities have been especially interested in the service as their employees can use the car during the work day and on off hours the car can be rented by people living in the area. “The city of Kotka will have two electronic OP Kulku cars that will be used both by employees and people living in the city”, explains Halonen. In the best case, families won’t necessarily need to own two cars or senior citizens can enjoy taking trips or more easily carrying home larger amounts of groceries.

Technology And Transparent Insurance Costs

Rethinking mobility affects not only car ownership but also insurance costs. One of the ways OP Mobility Services wants to improve the insurance policies is to enable the way a customer drives to affect the insurance costs. “Simply put, this means the safer you drive, the less you pay since you are less prone to accidents. Many perceive this as a fair way to pay for insurance”, describes Halonen.

This innovative service is being piloted with a thousand cars that have monitoring devices to record the way the driver drives. OP Lab’s Co-operating partner is Suomen Autokoululiitto (The Finnish Association Of Driving Schools).