OP will host ‘Hack the Index’ challenge at this year’s Ultrahack Sprint II during 30.11.-2.12.2018

“Hectic world and tons of information. I struggle to find time and energy to figure out which numbers and analyses are relevant to me and what I should do with my savings. Is there a way to manage my portfolio like a pro without investing all my time on it?”

OP Financial Group is hosting the ‘Hack the Index’ challenge at Ultrahack Sprint II in Helsinki and seeking for innovative solutions in the areas of savings and investing. One of the main areas of focus is in the challenge is lowering the threshold for savings and investing and thus making it more accessible to a wider group of customers – not just professionals.

Opening wealth management APIs will transform savings and investing by enabling greater collaboration and innovation to create new services. During 2018, OP will open multiple different wealth management Sandbox APIs, and all currently available APIs and their documentation can be found from https://op-developer.fi.

So, the question that OP presents to the Ultrahack participants is: What kind of innovations could you create for near-future financial instrument services?

For more information about the challenge, visit: https://ultrahack.org/ultrahack2018sprint2.