For over 110 years, OP Financial Group has been building Finnish society and enhanced our national prosperity. We have three business segments: Banking, Non-life Insurance and Wealth Management. We provide our customers with the most extensive and diversified range of banking, investment and insurance services and the best loyalty benefits in the country.

In line with our new strategy, OP’s aim is to gradually change from a plain financial services provider to a diversified services company of the digital era. With financial expertise remaining our cornerstone, we will gradually expand OP’s business into new areas, such as Health and Wellbeing Services, Housing-related Services and Mobility Services.

OP’s operations are based on the cooperative principle – cooperation and fair distribution of success among stakeholders. Based on our mission, we create sustainable prosperity, security and wellbeing for our owner-customers, and in our operating region by means of our strong capital base and efficiency.

We follow our mission through a dual role typical of a cooperative society. In the business role, OP provides its customers with the best possible products and services while ensuring its profitability.

In accordance with social principles based on the cooperative system, we always act in the best interest of our broader-based community and will, therefore, refrain from pursuing any targets of OP or individual players that conflict with the long-term targets of our operating region.

OP employs over 12,000 people. We have some 3.9 million private customers and 440,000 corporate customers. The number of our owner-customers is around 1.7 million. According to Bloomberg Markets magazine’s annual list, Finland’s OP Financial Group was the strongest financial institution in Europe in the year 2015.

Up to two billion euros to product and service development

OP’s product and service development aim to create products and services which are innovative, user-friendly and relevant to customers and offer a smooth customer experience.

Intense and fast digital disruption in the financial sector is continuously attracting new market entrants and speeding up product and service development. Succeeding in the changing operating environment necessitates offering the best possible customer experience irrespective of time, place and service channel. In OP’s view, the winning customer experience will be increasingly founded on a collaboration effort between humans and technology – personalized service will be enriched through the introduction of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

According to its strategy, OP will increase its annual development expenditure to around 300–400 million euros, i.e. development expenditure for the next five years will come to up to two billion euros. These development investments will be allocated to the modernization of basic financial services and the creation of new product and service packages

We are looking for startup partners not only in the financial sector but also in the field of health technology, mobility, and housing. OP’s startup programme differs from similar conventional programmes in terms of its needs-driven approach, because the programme is specifically looking for startups no longer in their embryonic stage which has the capacity to directly start building a new business together with OP’s experts.

Read more about OP Lab and how we operate.

Why come to Finland?

If our nightless nights, proper four seasons and good access to Europe and Asia aren’t enough, consider these perks:

  • Perfect laboratory. 5.5 M well-educated, multilingual inhabitants – perfect testing ground for a proof-of-concept.
  • Digital nation. Finns are leaders in online payments, smartphones and using the internet.
  • We got your back. We have solid visions and 4 M+ Finnish customers. You’ll have our support.

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