KassaBotti opens a conversational sales channel to your Facebook page

With OP Kassa bots, you get to expand communication and sales with your customers in new channels where your customers are.



How it works:

  • KassaBotti is an integrated add-on to OP Kassa, a cloud based POS.
  • KassaBotti sells the products you choose, with your businesses’ tone of voice.
  • KassaBotti doesn’t come between you and your customer. You will still have the space to offer customer care through the same channel.
  • KassaBotti is a SaaS product with no big investments, just a monthly fee and a transactional provision per completed sale.
  • KassaBotti comes with modern and flexible payment options for you customers, whether it be cards or the latest payment applications.


Unleash the potential of messaging-services

Messaging services have taken over as the way consumers like to spend their time. Following your customer to the platform where they spend their time has never been easier with KassaBotti.

KassaBotti offers a personal experience for your every customer

…and it’s completely autonomous. You choose the products, you choose the tone of voice, your KassaBotti will take care of the sales.  You will receive all sales made by KassaBotti to a centralised control panel, amongst other sales made through OP Kassa. This means all stock units, discounts, product images, variants or other product specific things are also updated to Kassabotti, automatically.


Take another look at the potential of messaging services at KassaBotti.fi