With the Kotipizza pizza game Skill on Amazon Alexa, the customers of Kotipizza are able to enjoy what is probably the most entertaining process of ordering a pizza in the world. Your order is completed with a simple and secure payment using Pivo mobile app.



The first voice activated payment in the Nordics

We partnered up with Kotipizza, the largest pizza chain in Finland, to create an Amazon Alexa skill with the first voice activated payment in the Nordics.

From an idea to production in 2 months

Development of the skill was lean to say the least, creating a full integration with all required technologies and launching the skill in full production mode within 2 months of creating the concept.

Reaching out to the early adopters

Smart speakers and voice assisted UI’s are rapidly growing technologies globally and we wanted to offer something special for the early adopters of the Finnish market, hence the gamification of the skill. An easy to approach solution for the first time users of this type of technology was a major motivator behind the decisions made behind the skill.

Read on how to order Kotipizza through Alexa and pay it with Pivo here: https://www.kotipizzantarinat.fi/basic/alexa/