Nenäbotti is Europe’s first charity chatbot, where you can donate to Nenäpäivä, a Finnish charity for children in need, with Facebook Messenger.


Nenäbotti launched in cooperation with Nenäpäivä

Nenäpäivä is a charity campaign that, through entertainment, strives to ensure a good quality of life for the children of the world. The Nenäbotti charity chatbot was launched to support the Nenäpäivä campaign in October 2017 and that year the charity campaign was participated by more than 700 000 people.

Donate via Facebook Messenger

Nenäbotti enables donating via Facebook Messenger to make contributing to charity easier than ever before. Nenäbotti thus reaches people in the place where they spend a large part of their time already: in social-media. In the conversational interface, people can select the amount option that they would like to donate and easily make the donation payment via Pivo. As a thank you, those who donate get an option to add a red Nenäpäivä nose to their profile picture in Facebook.

You can find the chatbot in Facebook Messenger by typing ‘@nenapaiva’ in the search field. The payment method of the donation is Pivo and a payment card.

More info on Nenäpäivä home page: