With one handy app, you will be able to manage smoothly all your daily car services. Initial service offering includes fueling and parking with your mobile phone, and the payment is managed automatically and securely.


Refuel and park your car with OP Draivi easily and safely without a payment card or cash

OP Draivi is a mobile application that combines the services a driver needs into one application. First two services available are mobile fueling at Neste gas stations around Finland and mobile parking in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu.

What’s mobile fueling?

Mobile fueling with OP Draivi is an easier, safer a faster way to refuel your car. No need to hustle with payment card or pin code at a payment terminal. Start refueling and approve the payment with a few taps while sitting comfortable inside your warm car. After the refueling you will have the receipt in the app and the payment will be charged from the payment card you have added to OP Draivi. Refueling has never been this easy!

What’s mobile parking?

With OP Draivi you pay only for the time you park your car and you can easily add more parking time with the application without returning to the parking meter and paying with coins. Set and start parking with OP Draivi and stop or add more time if needed with just a couple of taps. The payment will be charged from the payment card you have added to OP Draivi and you receive the receipt in the app. Enjoy your shopping time or coffee date without a rush or a fear of parking fines!


The OP Draivi project has ended. Thank you for your interest!