With the OP Transit application, employees can manage virtually all aspects of work-related travel, from choosing a suitable mode of transportation to checking travel times, paying travel expenses and tracking past business travels. OP Transit charges travels directly from the employer, removing the need for separate travel expense reports. In the initial phase of the pilot, the OP Transit application allows participating employees to select transportation by either HSL public transportation, Taksi Helsinki taxis, or the DriveNow car sharing service.

The OP Transit application pilot study includes 20 small and medium-sized businesses in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area whose employees travel extensively during work days.

OP Transit makes it easy for employees to compare options and purchase transportation and provides a single solution for the fully digital management of travel expenses.

OP Transit provides companies with real-time information on travels made at the employers’ expense and saves time and effort for both employees and financial administration as travel expense reports no longer need to be submitted and processed.

Ideally, OP Transit can reduce the expenses of work-related travel as different transportation options are made easily available for employees. Furthermore, employees no longer necessarily need to use a company credit card or pay the travel expenses themselves as payments are handled through the application.

The technical solution of OP Transit is provided by the Italian partner Urbi, discovered through the OP Smart Mobility Startup Partnership Program. Urbi was selected as the partner due to its previous experience in constructing equivalent services in several cities. Urbi and OP also share a common view on the future of mobility.

The OP Transit application is on display at the OP stand at Slush. The pilot study will be launched in the participating companies at the turn of November and December. During the pilot, feedback will be collected from the companies’ employees and personnel in charge of travel expense management. The OP Transit application will be developed based on feedback received in the pilot study.


The OP Matka project has ended. Thank you for your interest!