OP Smart Health Pilot – Be Active, Be Rewarded!

OP Smart Health is a wellness pilot that encourages you to live an active life and rewards you when you complete designated challenges. This pilot is done in cooperation with the WeFitter App.

The WeFitter app collects information from your fitness app and sports wearable.
It welcomes you to participate in sports challenges to simply compete with yourselves, with other group members and with your friends and grants you with rewards after you complete a challenge.

OP is already very active to promote daily activities and preventative actions that lead to living a healthier lifestyle. With this free pilot, OP encourages all to participate in challenges and benefit from exclusive rewards. Though there is a limited number of those so hurry up! Everyone is invited! You register as a private person and you can also ask friends and family members to participate.

WeFitter is one of the selected startup teams from the OP Smart Health Co-Creation Programme which started last May. The Spanish company has solid references in Western Europe and has been preparing this summer with OP this wellness & rewarding pilot.



Feedback: Any feedback about the pilot? Please write in English or in Spanish to help@wefitter.com  or visit http://help.wefitter.com for support.

Disclaimer: Please note OP isn’t processing nor controlling any personal data within this pilot but is provided with de-personalized aggregated reports regarding the usage of the service by WeFitter (WG). The online service is solely provided by WG. WG will be in touch with you to provide you with the earned reward and could ask from you to fill-in an anonymous survey to collect valuable insights from this pilot.