OP Yhteisauto solution gives companies and communities a platform to provide a car sharing service to their members, without the hassle of owning the car fleet.

The car is reserved with the OP Yhteisauto mobile app. App provides the user management, car availability and reservation as well as secure payment solution. Keys are not required – when the reservation starts, the user opens the car doors with the mobile application.


How it works

  • The possessor of the car is a community, business or municipality
  • The possessor pays a monthly fee for the car
  • The people in the community can use the car as if their own
  • The possessor can also provide the car for rental outside the community


OP Yhteisauto – an easy way to share electric cars

OP Yhteisauto provides electric cars for communities, companies and municipalities who are looking for a more flexible and environmentally friendly way of transportation. The service enables everyone in the community to use a car as if it was their own, even though the possessor doesn’t actually own the car. We take care of malfunctions and maintenance so you can focus on getting from A to B.

Share costs by renting

The possessor of the car can share fixed costs by also providing the car for rental use. For example, municipalities can provide cars to its employees during working hours and at other times rent the cars out for citizens. This way effective usage of the cars can be ensured.

Ease of use:

  • The car is reserved with the OP Yhteisauto app. The app shows when the cars are available. You can reserve a car well in advance.
  • No keys needed – when the reservation begins, the user can open the car doors with the app.
  • The user adds payment information to the app when using the app for the first time. The rent is charged from the designated card automatically when the reservation is over.
  • The app works on most smartphones and you can download it from the App Store and Google Play store.

The OP Yhteisauto project has ended. Thank you for your interest!