With OP Kulku, OP enters the Mobility as a Service business. OP Kulku provides the metropolitan area residents with an easy, care-free access to electric cars. With a single monthly fee, OP Kulku eliminates the stress of car ownership and all the hidden costs that come with it. Getting into electric cars has never been easier.

OP believes that mobility is changing and that electric cars are a big part of the transition. While the variety of electric cars and the charging network is constantly expanding, buying and owning an electric car still causes anxiety. OP Kulku removes this stress with a care-free access to electric cars for a convenient monthly fee.

OP Kulku comes with two levels of service. The standard service includes the electric car and any maintenance and repairs required. Kulku Premium is a complete service that includes maintenance and repairs, insurance coverage, pickup services, tire change, storage and an unlimited number of car washes.

Customers can select their preferred car from a wide variety of leading car brands.

The service will initially be available in the metropolitan area.

For more information, visit http://op-kulku.fi

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