OP metsä allows forest owners to understand the value of their forest property, required insurance and necessary activities relevant for maintaining the forest in the future. OP metsä is powered with machine learning based on models that are helping us forecast the future value.


There are hundreds of thousands of Finns who own forest properties. OP Metsä (OP Forest) helps individuals understand and manage their assets from a financial perspective.

Finland is a land of forests. There are hundreds of thousands of private forest property owners. Many owners are elderly people and the properties are to an increasing degree being sold or passed on to younger generations.

For owners, properly managed forests can be a major financial asset. However, understanding those assets and planning their use has been difficult. OP Metsä changes this with a service for forest owners.

OP Metsä allows forest owners to see all their properties and assets in a single service. The service pulls data from national services and databases such as Metsään.fi and presents it in a clear, visual way. In addition to the current and estimated net worth of forest properties, OP Metsä presents forest maintenance recommendations and financial advice for forest owners.

This online service is only accessible to Finnish forest property owners. This is because the service pulls actual private forest data from a database during account creation.

For more information, visit www.op-metsa.fi