As one of the winners of OP’s Open Banking Startup Partnership program, Limitless is a micro-savings and investing app targeted at Millennials. The service makes it easy for customers to automatically save a percentage of their income each month and deploy it into mutual funds without having to read up on the latest investment news.

About the Space

Millennials are increasingly favouring financial services that prioritise ease of use, personalisation and independence. And they want it all online and on their mobile devices. Many millennials are unaware of how much more stocks grow compared to money sitting in a savings account, hence why there are more and more Fintech propositions now popping up.

At OP we are always looking to find meaningful solutions for our customers and whether that means partnering with innovative Fintechs or building our own products, we are focused on improving the holistic banking experience.

The Pilot​

To kick things off we started an internal pilot with Limitless to see what levels of engagement customers had and whether they felt it improved their savings behaviour. Using pre-PSD2 APIs we invited 150 pilot customers to join a three month pilot. ​


“Integrating with new partners and services come with challenges but overall the implementation time with Limitless was very short. The initial results of the pilot look great, we can see that our customers really feel the value in the product and that’s reflected from the strong metrics we have”

Chris Moore – Product Owner at OPLab.


So far we’ve seen 120 goals created in the Limitless app and over €​10,000 reallocated to customers’ savings accounts. On average customers are saving 11% of their monthly salary and this is having a positive impact on reducing their overall spending levels.


”Limitless has definitely made saving easier for me because of the way it automatically transfers money to my savings account. I like the fact that instead of a monthly sum, Limitless tracks my spending and directs money towards my savings accordingly. I think the app is clear and it easily lets me know how much I’ve saved and how far I’ve come in my savings goals. Limitless has also helped me diversify my savings targets; even before Limitless I was saving a certain amount each month to funds, but because of Limitless I’ve also started to save towards an upcoming trip abroad.”

Jenni – Internal pilot user


At Slush 2018 Limitless CEO, Sara Koslinska​ will be demoing the app at the OP stand. Come visit!