Running a retail store is a full-time job. Pivo Kassa solves the challenges related to retail store management and lets the shopkeeper focus on what is essential.

As a shopkeeper, you have your daily work cut out for you. Your routines include serving customers, making orders, compiling reports and planning your future business. Pivo Kassa is a complete retail checkout service for shopkeepers that allows you to manage the key store-related tasks quickly and effortlessly.

Our stylish point of sale -terminals are easy to operate and update your product inventory in real time based on sales. The package also includes an online store that can be set up in just a few minutes for no extra cost. Pivo Kassa provides detailed, clear reports of all your sales. It allows you to follow the product demand, payment methods and the daily peak hours with the best sales. All this is included in your standard monthly fee.

Upgrade your store with Pivo Kassa

Pivo Kassa runs on iPad tablets*. You can check out the app from the App Store. After installation, you can order the point of sale terminal to your store directly from the app. If you want more information on Pivo Kassa or getting the sales terminal, please contact us at In addition to the Pivo Kassa application, the package also includes top-of-the-line sales unit and a point of sale terminal with contactless payment.

*The Pivo Kassa app requires a 3rd generation iPad or higher tablet or any iPad Air or iPad mini tablet.

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