This video series is about four students trying to solve one major problem in Finnish society: how to get the elderly people to exercise more? The team members, Nicolas, Melina, Han and Hai Anh, won the Social Hackathon in spring 2017 which was powered by OP and Deloitte. The team studies at the Creative Sustainability Master’s Degree Programme in Aalto University.

Now the team is working on the project in order to develop their idea into a pilot with the help and mentoring of OP and Deloitte. The progress of the project will be reported on a weekly vlog at OP’s YouTube channel.

Welcome along!

Part 1: The Challenge

Part 2: The Goal

This week the team focused on the goals of the whole project. The main goal of the project is to make the elderly people happier and healthier. The team also got an interesting phone call from Nokia. The team is trying to figure out whether Nokia would be willing to sponsor or take part of the pilot. Next week the team will learn more about the problem they are trying to solve by interviewing elderly people.

Part 3: The Interview

This week the team took huge steps forward in their pilot. They traveled to Parainen and Luopioinen to interview the Finnish elderly in order to find out what they think of their idea. The team got a lot of material to analyze and also decided the location where to actually do the pilot. 

Part 4: Preparing for the Pilot

This week our team is preparing for the Pilot.

Part 5: Beginning of the Pilot

This week the team decided which wearable device they are going to use in their pilot. The pilot is finally beginning next week and the team needs to make sure that everything is ready for it. We also had a chance to get to know some of the team’s mentors from Deloitte’s side so let’s hear what Eemeli Metsäntahti and Jukka Isosaari have to say about the project.

Part 6: Pilot is on!

This week our team got their first 30 participants. Also features interviews with Mikko Räty, the Head of Digital at Deloitte Finland.

Part 7: The Problems We Have Faced

This week’s theme is to discuss the problems the team has faced during the pilot. Melina tells more about the challenges when it comes to working with the elderly and Hai Anh is discussing the challenges the team has faced due to different nationalities within the team. There’s also a sneak peak to the new OP Lab office on the video!

Part 8: Gathering The Data

The team has started to gather some data via interviews and the wearable devices the participants have worn. Hai And also tells that they have got some positive results and the participants’ amount of steps have increased around 25% already!

Part 9: The Interviews

In this week’s vlog we will find out what kind of results the team got from the interviews that they have been doing the past few weeks. The elderly have told them what they think about the pilot and whether they have exercised more or not due to the pilot. The last week of the pilot has already started!

Part 10: What We Learnt From Interviews

The team is analyzing the data they got from the interviews. Watch the video to find out the most important findings from them! The team also got interviewed to a local newspaper in Turku area.

Part 11: Last Trip To Parainen

The pilot is coming to its end! On this week’s vlog the team travels to Parainen for the last time. They are giving out certificates to all participants and also rewarding some that were the most successful in the pilot at a small coffee event in the Parainen senior house.

Part 12: The Finale

The Social Hackathon’s Grandma Challenge has come to its end! The team hosted a final afterwork event for their mentors and co-workers at OP and Deloitte to hear about the final results of their pilot and celebrate it. The results are very good and almost all the participants tell that they move more now than before the pilot.