OP’s Smart Health Partnership program was built to create new innovations in the health and wellness sector together with startups all over the world. There were 217 applications from 41 different countries, where 12 was selected to the innovation week in Helsinki. OP had partners like Nokia, IBM, and Orion Pharma to give their expertise and mentoring to the startups.

Innovation Challenge week culminated on Thursday 11.5. when three startups were chosen the best of the week: WeFitter, Buddy Healthcare, and Huoleti.

  • Huoleti helps people that have an injury or a sickness by giving peer to peer and voluntary help with a platform designed for a smart phone.
  • Buddy Healthcare is a service that helps the patient to get ready for a surgery, recover and also doctors to help with a higher quality of service.
  • WeFitter is an application that encourages people to a more active and healthier lifestyle. The application user can challenge friends to improve their wellness and to earn prizes from achieving goals.